Webster’s dictionary defines “Luxury” as, “the use and enjoyment of the best, most precious things offer the most physical comfort and satisfaction.” Luxury may be the single best word in the English language to describe the Peruvian Paso Horse. There is something for everyone in this elegant animal: Smooth riding comfort, high energy, straight, stamina, intelligence, a tractable disposition, animated, flashy presence and 100% natural action which sets the Peruvian apart from others.

The Peruvian Paso Horse transmits its unique smooth gait to its purebred foals. No artificial devices or special training aids are necessary to enable the horse to perform its specialty – a natural four – beat footfall of medium speed that provides a ride of incomparable smoothness and harmony of movement along with the utmost ground covering ability within on sequence of footfalls. This signature gait is called “Paso llano” and it is 100% unique to the Peruvian Horse.

In addition to an easy gait, the Peruvian Horse has a brilliant front action movement typified the upward lifting of the front legs combined with “término”, an outward movement of the front legs similar to the loose rolling of a swimmer’s arms doing the crawl.
Lift and término are 100% natural. Fluid, effortless and well integrated within the gait sequence. Of all of the traits that distinguish the Peruvian Horse, his tremendous “Brío” is perhaps the most prized by both expert and novice horse people alike. Brío is an inherent quality of a noble and willing spirit that enables this tractable horse to perform tirelessly for many hours in the service of his rider.

The Peruvian Horse is the world’s greatest riding horse. Smooth to ride, beautiful to behold and incredible brio – all traits that enable transportation. Peruvian Horse excel in many aspects of pleasure riding: trail, competitive trail competition, team penning, sidesaddle, drill teams, musical exercise, showing.

Physically, The Peruvian Horse is a horse of medium size and with a refinement. Ideal height is between 14 and 14 hands tall, with good balance and almost even rations of girth, leg and back. He may be any color. The coat and skin are refined and the mane is long and abundant with fine, lustrous hair. Bone is refined but dense; in all aspects overall refinement, grace and elegance, is desired. Stallions exhibit the powerful arched neck and crest of their Iberian ancestors. Peruvian Horse breeders pay scrupulous attention to genetics, with the three primary qualities being gait, soundness and disposition.

The traditional tack of the Peruvian Horse has remained true to his heritage, but they may be ridden in any type of tack that fits properly. The headgear, saddle, stirrups and “guarniciones” (trailgear) used today in shows are the traditional equipment imported from Peru where it has evolved over hundreds of years. Although many people choose to show their horses in traditional tack, any style may be used. And of course, on the trail anything goes!


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AndesMissionPeru – Yojan & Karina

We´re a Christian couple that putted our lives to serve to God, We want to help to the Andean people specially to the children to know the gospel, that´s why we use our ranch, our work, our time, etc. to work for the salvation of more souls for God.

Yojan is a real Andean descendent, his brown skin and strong temperament is a prove of his Inka origins, Actually he mix all the experiences that he took along his life with the Professional Tour Guiding knowledge, comes from one of the traditional horses lover families from Cusco.

His riding activities in the Sacred Valley were soon discovered, and “HACIENDA DEL CHALÁN” began to appear in guidebooks and on the lists of highly recommended equestrian tour operators. Accounts his exceptional riding expeditions high in the Andes.

Karina is from the Netherlands. She is not only a super host and first-class tours organizer, but also a warm-hearted, spontaneous, intelligent and charming woman. Moreover, she is missionary and was in different countries of the world helping, teaching giving medical support to many poor villages in the jungle, coast and Andes too.

Karina is a nurse and shows all her professionalism that she took along her life, to check everybody before, during and after their Horseback riding experience.